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HHHHH Wagner is toiling over composer's block, his wife Minna tries to thrust a bailiff's letter upon him, and suddenly, with a whisking away of the gauze, Wagner has become Tannhauser, moodily intending to escape the delicious embraces of Venus (Alison Kettlewell, transformed from the dowdy Minna into an object of desire, and singing from the reaches of passion).
Playing the assistant engineer Ray Sybert on the Pendleton is Casey Affleck, who moodily skulks over pipes and valves in the engine room for much of the film.
There are moody stares into the middle distance and moody stares between Vanessa and Roland, while Jolie stares moodily into her own navel.
There are moody stares into the middle distance and moody stares between Vanessa and Roland while Jolie stares moodily into her own navel.
Rae Smith (who was also the set designer on War Horse) has designed the moodily atmospheric 1900 village square setting of Cavalleria Rusticana, which transforms to a 1948 truck stop for the doomed vaudeville troupe of Pagliacci.
There are occasions when it can be handy to have a cape to fling about moodily and Athos has plenty of those tonight.
Queen of twerk Miley Cyrus recently scored her first major campaign with Mark Jacobs where she will be featured in the moodily lit Spring 2014 campaign.
The subtitles read "MOURNFUL VIOLIN MUSIC" as Cillian Murphy trudges moodily on horseback through the, grubby terrain to the doom-laden chugs and clangs of Nick Cave songs, with urchin children cowering nearby.
The Hounds of Baskerville episode, penned by Mark Gatiss, is a real shaggy dog story but it allows Benedict Cumberbatch, inset, to pose moodily atop a large rock on the moors in his big flapping coat as well as giving Sherlock lots of opportunities to exercise his super power of Noticing Stuff.
MUD (15) MOODILY opening in woodland like this spring's hit thriller The Place Beyond The Pines, two young teens head for open water in a small boat.
Ten minutes from my house I can see Stern's original story, the first line of which describes a Christmas Eve scene as such: "George Pratt stared down moodily at the black water under the bridgea.
It was all moodily successful and suited the orchestra's affectionately strong and propulsive performance.