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For the price of one beverage per month AED49 (US$13), Moonshine offers a selection of venues to avail free beverages including Lucky Voice, Rock Bottom Cafe, Cavalli Club & Restaurant, Cirque le Soir, Sass Cafe and Bazxar.
Patrick Dillingham and Sean Koffel founded Windy Hill Spirits in 2013 with the vision to create a moonshine that honors both the tradition and rebel spirit of American moonshiners and bootleggers.
Moonshine was thrown back in to the water by Mally so he could grow some more.
Packaged in a 1920s style decanter, Manhattan Moonshine is for whiskey and cocktail lovers alike.
We still offer the classics from our Moose menu for breakfast/brunch but flips into our Moonshine menu in the evening," says Harry.
Rejecting a comparison to Li'l Abner, Griffin instead compared Moonshine to another iconic musical.
Toxic homemade liquor has killed at least 94 slum dwellers in India's financial capital Mumbai, with more than 45 in hospital, police said on Sunday, in the latest disaster involving moonshine.
While fans continue to search for country music's new flavor, listeners should quench their thirst on the crisp fresh taste of Jeff Dane's new single "Apple Pie Moonshine.
When her father's failed business speculation results in no money for her private college in San Diego, Lulu decides to spend the summer making and selling moonshine to earn her own way.
KARACHI -- At least seventeen people have died in the port city of Karachi in two days due to the consumption of toxic moonshine liquor.
It was the first legal moonshine in New England since prohibition, and the first "ultra-premium" American moonshine ever, the company says.