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MOORING, mar. law. The act of arriving of a ship or vessel at a particular port, and there being anchored or otherwise fastened to the shore.
     2. Policies of insurance frequently contain a provision that the ship is insured from one place to another, "and till there moored twenty-four hours in good safety." As to what shall be a sufficient mooring, see 1 Marsh. Ins. 262; Park. on Ins. 35; 2 Str. 1251; 3. T. R. 362.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Port of Dutch Harbor promotes the growth and health of the community of Unalaska through the planning, development, and management of marine related municipal properties and facilities to provide moorage and other marine services on a self-supporting basis.
Harbor Loop Gate 7, $184,000 for replacement of timber on floating moorage system.
The same charter, tackle, moorage, food and accommodation businesses that had done so well during the phosphorous pollution years were now either out of business or complaining loudly.
There, Brock expected to drop anchor in a tranquil moorage of
And so it may well be, as Jeremy Cronin puts it in his poem "Moorage," Because the struggle we haven't, in fact, Left behind, as it flaps out As this banner Is also a struggle to make The too good to be true be true (Even the Dead, 13)
The project calls for the installation of moorage for private yachts, construction of new walkways and roads, and the relocation of piers now used by small fishing boats in order to make room for cruise ships.
There's steady 15- to 20-knot trade winds, ample moorage, a community of yachtsmen and huge yachting supply stores, and you're talking about a sailing Mecca.
Until 1955 the Semporna community consisted entirely of boat-dwelling foragers, each boat (lepa) "housing" a single nuclear family plus occasional dependents, each identified with a "band" or local moorage group of between two to 40 lepa.
In June, McCoy took his plan for the River Queen to the Port of Vancouver commission, seeking a long-term moorage for a spot just west of the Doubletree Inn at the Quay.
The lodge has a restaurant, boat moorage, paddle boats, and cross-country ski trails and offers for rent fishing boats, bicycles, and snowshoes.
You can rent canoes ($12 to 19), motorboats ($8 to $30), rowboats ($5 to $19), or moorage ($6).