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The species used as reference to evaluate andcorrect the incidence of positive phases are:blackbird (Turdus fuscater), red beak moorhen(Gallinula chloropus), shiny cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis), rufous-collared sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis), and yellow beak moorhen (Fulica americana).
They taught me all the country ways including collecting moorhen eggs, scrumping for fruit, pulling up potatoes and cadging dried milk from the mill.
Previous Phenomedia AG successes in this arena include the on-line game Moorhen, which attracted more than 250,000 simultaneous players for an Internet tournament it promoted and hosted.
IN Panama at the weekend, Arjan Dwarshuis saw a Northern Jacana, a lily-hopping waterbird similar to a Moorhen.
The folk song The Bonny Moorhen is about a fight between bailiffs and miners in Weardale about hunting rights to 10.
Very fishy, rather stringy and reminiscent of moorhen, which I also dislike.
A VIDEO of a giant Orangutan saving a drowning Moorhen chick from a pond at Dublin Zoo has become a global YouTube sensation.
The city is again attracting water birds, including moorhen, cormorants and geese, which were once banished by the industrial pollution which choked rivers and brooks and made them uninhabitable for fish.
It is urging restraint in the shooting of ducks, geese, coot, moorhen and waders, including reared mallard and woodcock.
John Harvey, from Risca, pocketed the winner's purse when he put 75lb 6oz of carp on the scales at peg 16 on Moorhen Pool.
By now bent double with her neck craned forward like a mad moorhen, she carried on screaming: "HA HA HA HA
RARE spotted crakes - relatives of the moorhen and coot - have been seen in Somerset, Dorset and Cheshire on their way to Africa from their breeding grounds in the marshes of Europe.