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An issue presenting no real controversy.

Moot refers to a subject for academic argument. It is an abstract question that does not arise from existing facts or rights.

Moot court is a cocurricular or extracurricular activity in law school where students have the opportunity to write briefs and present oral arguments on hypothetical cases.


adj. 1) unsettled, open to argument, or debatable, specifically about a legal question which has not been determined by any decision of any court. 2) an issue only of academic interest. (See: moot point, moot court)


adjective abstract, academic, actionable, contentious, contestable, contested, controversial, controvertible, debatable, disputable, disputatious, doubtful, dubious, hypothetical, in dispute, in issue, in question, open to discussion, open to question, questionable, questioned, speculative, subject to controversy, suppositional, theoretical, uncertain, under discussion, undetermined, unsettled, untried
Associated concepts: academic question, moot appeal, moot case, moot controversy, moot court, moot question
See also: debate, dubious, equivocal, pose, posit, problematic, propound, undecided


an old English word for an assembly, but now the word is used only
1 as a noun to describe a legal argument not in a court of law, usually held for the purpose of legal education based on a tradition established in the English Inns of Court.
2 as an adjective, a point of law is often said to be moot if, raised in a litigation, the point does not any longer affect the decision in the case before the court.

MOOT, English law. A term used in the inns of court, signifying the exercise of arguing imaginary cases, which young barristers and students used to perform at certain times, the better to be enabled by this practice to defend their clients cases. A moot question is one which has not been decided.

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Elaborating on the importance of moot court competitions in Pakistan, USEFP Executive Director Rita Akhtar explained, The two-day event requires law students to analyze and argue both sides of a hypothetical legal argument using procedures modeled after those employed in state and federal appellate courts.
Our law school is thrilled to be joining forces with the Newseum Institute to host this National First Amendment Moot Court Competition," said Daniel F.
The Moot intends to broaden that discussion to examine the real challenges faced by our communities today.
The moot problem is a pre-drafted factual situation in which a point or points of law are in dispute.
Dr Shah informed that about 150 teachers of history belonging to various universities and colleges of Islamabad and Rawalpindi regions have been invited to attend the one-day moot.
Moot is a real estate veteran with over 33 years of experience helping buyers and sellers in San Diego's coastal communities.
At Holmfirth Farmers Market on Sunday, April 20, shoppers will be entertained by The Moot, with free face painting from 10am-2pm.
The Maktoum bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Moot Court Competition Question was launched during a press conference held in the presence of Dr Ahmed Saeed bin Hazeem, General Manager of Dubai Courts and President of the Higher Committee of the Maktoum bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence.
The ILS sponsored a pre-Vis moot dress rehearsal in Miami for teams from Florida International University, University of Miami, University of Florida, Stetson University, and Nova Southeastern University, and gave each of the teams a $2,500 stipend to defray their travel costs.
We are honoured to host this group of participants in the moot court competition and we hope that each one of you will take full advantage of this experience to meet your fellow colleagues form other parts of the Arab world to exchange experiences and ideas", he added.
Awards were given for the following categories: Championship Team to The University of Jordan , Runner-Up Team to University of Bahrain, Best Claimant Memorandum to Sultan Qaboos University (Oman), Best Respondent Memorandum to Baghdad University (Iraq) , Best Individual Oralist --Claimant to Aisha Hassan Al-Emadi from University of Qatar, and Best Individual Oralist -- Respondent to Ali Haydar Kadhum from Baghdad University Since 2006, CLDP and CILE have introduced the Vis Moot in Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Iraq.
The Rainbow Moot, which meets twice a month at the Wellington Hotel on Birmingham's Bristol Street offers alternative worshippers in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community the chance to mingle.