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Mass General Laws prevents any change - we're done - it's a moot point.
I do not think that everyone should be as old as I was, but unless we strengthen the domestic church, which is the family, the age of receiving Confirmation will remain a moot point.
Unfortunately, harsh reality has rendered the currently available low-speed EVs a moot point for the general public.
To argue that the people concerned gave permission is a moot point when consideration has not been given to an analysis of the power differentials.
Permission Slips is not sanitized for one's emotional protection, like most novels about a ninth- grader lost in the chaos of high school are, and not intended expressly for young adults--which may be a moot point since far too many young people live in the world of meanness, uncontrolled sexuality, mindless conformity, and brutal demands to be cruel enough and dumb enough to fit in with the group.
It's a moot point as to whether this Glasgow-based quintet are actually cool or not, because they do what they do well and with little pretension.
What was once a decided bandwidth advantage for Fibre Channel has, with the advent of Gigabit Ethernet, become largely a moot point as very few applications require the incremental I/O performance advantage that Fibre Channel delivers.
Billing order is negotiated into actors' contracts, so it may be a moot point.
With a computer-ownership level already at about 95 percent for incoming freshman, the administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that an official mandate requiring students to own a computer was a moot point, says Brian Rust, communications manager of the UW's division of information technology.
Word out of Warren that the Gen 7 Corvette will be even more compact--about the size of Porsche's 911--seemingly makes a Gen IV V8-based V10 a moot point.
And, I'd venture to say a talented pistol-smith could make it feed hollow-points, although the concept is a bit of a moot point with a .
This is a question of efficacy only, in that it is undoubtable that legitimization and self-glorification were the motives, but it is a moot point as to who believed them.