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Why are there different levels for homicide? What U.S Constitutional argument can one make that conviction of the same crime by two different sovereigns is in violation of the U.S Constitution? Strict liability does not require proof of means read. Could give me some arguments in favor of this? Can threatening to bite someone and transmitting a deadly infection be used as both a possessing a deadly weapon and causing fear by a person or death? If a person enters an apartment and take jewels and leaves. What are three crimes that may have been committed by him and why?These are these questions I will like for you'll to help me with. I want to understand it better


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It's a moot question as the midfielder has not only notched some crucial strikes in the Premier League this season, but also fired his side to Wembley with the dramatic winner in the Carling Cup semi-final against West Ham Unit-t ed.
His presence may have given satisfaction to this lobby, but how much of a difference it would have made to the situation on the ground is a moot question. Nevertheless, to labour a point, good statesmanship, but perhaps bad populist politics.
The moot question is, how will these funds pay the highest NAV if the markets crash, as they did in 2008?
Because Erla effectively revoked Max's directions by depleting all trust assets, it was a moot question whether Max's scheme, which would have required the trust to continue to hold its assets for the benefit of his grandchildren only as long as they complied with his marriage condition, was void as a matter of public policy.
For now, expansion is a moot question. O'Neil said her office is LexisNexis' only Florida operation and for the moment the company isn't interested in expanding.
Whether or not we needed a Jets Stadium on the Far West Side is now a moot question. But if it had been built, New York City could now boast one of the most elegant and forward-looking sports arenas in the country, far finer than the new Citi Field or Yankee Stadium, with their drably historicist language of forms.
"Whether they can reach the quarter-finals of the Heineken is a moot question, but pulling off a win at Gloucester, which they nearly did in the Anglo-Welsh Cup last season, and beating Glasgow in Newport the following weekend isn't impossible," Devereux added.
It remains a moot question why business ethics should constitute a trend and therefore should gain their relevance only in the future.
IT'S a moot question as to which started first - rural or urban football teams.
Malvey said that was a moot question because in the budget process a faculty member had planned to retire, but then opted not to.
Whatever our conclusions regarding the importance of the question "What is education?," we are indebted to the contributors and the guest editor for reminding us that whether the question is worth addressing or not is a somewhat moot question since many around us are more than willing to answer the question for us and for their own interests.
''There will be a vacuum to be filled up, and who will fill it up is the moot question. That political parties are not capable of it has already been proved,'' said politician and former minister Dambar Yadav.