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Chris Taylor, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court several drivers had to undertake emergency manoeuvres to avoid crashing into each other as the moped drove in front of them.
A female pedestrian was also injured in the collision and she, along with the rider of the moped were taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital for treatment.
We believe that the young rider market for scooters and mopeds has been contracting lately due to the difficulty in convincing parents of the safety issues surrounding mopeds and scooters, and this will offer a safer method of transport to this demographic.
Zimmer's moped hit the midsection of the passenger side of a Subaru Outback driven by Patricia J.
He returned to his moped to find it wouldn't start, so he called police hoping they could get him going.
He said: "Living in a rural village, I wasn't able to get to work until I had the help of the moped.
EAST BROOKFIELD - A Spencer sex offender who took a pantsless spin on his moped last October will spend the next year behind bars.
TWO teenagers were killed and a third injured after crashing their overloaded moped on the way home from a pub.
Last but not least, if you want to get around cheaply, the moped option is now available, with numerous Japanese, Chinese and even Indian mopeds on offer in the range of JD 1,000 and with a scrooge-like appetite for petrol.
AN elderly Shropshire man says he has been left a prisoner in his own home after his moped was snatched from outside a supermarket.
The lonely, lovely working-class Mona is on her moped, only it's not really a moped since she can't afford an engine.
Officials with Bothell, WA-based Electro Product Innovation Company (EPIC) recently announced plans to approach Harley-Davidson with a proposal calling for the mass production of the EPIC Saga, a new electric-powered moped.