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9) Through this meeting, Barnes became the inspiration for one of Denys Wortman's most famous cartoon characters, Mopey Dick, who was the companion of the Duke, based on Wortman himself.
Dan's eclectic arrangements, quirky delivery, communal recording spirit, and wicked way with words make him more Stephin Merritt than mopey Morrissey.
Though somewhat statically filmed and weighted down by singer Art Garfunkel, whose one-note mopey delivery demonstrates why he never ventured another dramatic role of this dimension, the film remains iconic of the era.
MURDER week kicked off in Coronation Street with Mopey Dick sneaking up behind Emily on the cobbles.
Doing something daring relieved that cooped-up feeling and kept me from getting mopey.
Realizing audiences were hungry for a fun alternative to mopey, navel-gazing bands whining about old girlfriends, the band drew on their love of comics and created a concept for a rogue team of rock avengers.
those mopey teenage Waterloo Road plot lines and replay them as pratfall comedy.
I do get a little mopey at home, but my wife and kids are good.
The pop-culture references are witty, and indeed this sarcastic, narcissistic Batman is much more fun than Christian Bale's mopey Batman.
He was otherworldly, kind, lonely and strange, his tenure was ambitious, fascinating, sometimes frustrating but often dazzling, and he went out in victory rather than mopey selfpity like his predecessor.
Don't miss this chance to see all your X Factor faves - Wagner Carrilho murdering The Beatles with a bongo medley of their greatest hits, Mary Byrne (who's using up her annual leave from Tesco to be there - see pages 6&7 for more on her), high-voiced, mopey decorator Matt Cardle, the gratifyingly unpopular Katie Weasel and Cheryl Cole mini-me Cher Lloyd - when they hit the capital.