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The bronzed star didn't seem bothered about the waiting photographers either - and certainly wasn't moping around thinking about Cipriani.
There was no point me moping around the place feeling sorry for myself," said the 99-times capped Welsh back-row forward.
It's nice to see the guys relaxing instead of moping around but we are fully aware that the six days from Monday are all massive days at the office for us.
Here, Dylan Fontaine is trying to survive the altered state of his parents' marriage: his mother, an artist, has left for Paris, and his father (a doctor) is moping around or working all the time.
It's a tough pill to swallow, but I'm not going to be moping around and be miserable.
There's no point moping around and making it difficult for everybody else.
Now people are not moping around feeling sorry for themselves.
They certainly will not tempt any of those currently curled up in their duvets at home moping around to Coldplay to venture down to their local record shop
Chief executive and acting-chairman Trevor Birch this week indicated any player who did not want to play for the club would be moping around, disruptive and better served plying his trade elsewhere.
When Daisy comes home from nursery, instead of moping around trying to find something to do, or pleading with us to put on her Tweenies Christmas Special video, she can go and have a run around outside.
Alaska is in the midst of the worst storm in franchise history after losing 11 straight games that has spanned two conferences and four months, but instead of moping around and doing nothing head coach Alex Compton knows there's no way to go but up.
There's every motivation that it won't be hard when you get out there because you know what you've left behind - it's not going to guarantee you any runs - but you can throw yourself straight in there and do the best you can because there is no point moping around.