moral behavior

See: ethics
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Now on its third day, the program puts premium on scientific studies including psychology, nutrition and biomechanics, moral behavior and sports medicine.
It is true that the world's major religions are concerned with moral behavior.
This implies that human moral behavior can be well described by algorithms that could be used by machines as well.
A 2016 survey by the Southern Baptist Convention's Lifeway Research showed that 81 percent of Americans are concerned about declining moral behavior in their country.
This year, QF's activities aim to reflect four key values -- mercy, honesty, generosity, and tolerance -- and help to promote good moral behavior among members of the community.
As the exercise of moral agency has dual aspects (Bandura, 2002), moral behavior in sport can be divided into prosocial behavior, which refers to voluntary behavior intended to support or benefit another individual or group of individuals, such as helping an injured opponent (Sage, Kavussanu, & Duda, 2006), and antisocial behavior, which refers to voluntary behavior intended to disadvantage or harm another individual, such as cheating, verbally criticizing, or tripping an opponent (Kavussanu, 2006; Kavussanu & Boardley, 2009).
Pfaff cites several current research projects exploring moral behavior including Joshua Greene's work using fMRI analysis of ethical decisions, Michael Tomasello's work with moral behavior in children, and the role of oxytocin in gener-osity from Paul Zak.
It is incumbent upon us all not to stand in judgment of those with whom we differ regarding acceptable moral behavior, but to regard each other with respect and honor, with open minds and hearts, and in anticipation of learning.
While urging other youth of his age to involve themselves in good moral behavior and ethical treatment, he said: "If you try it, you will feel better by extending all sorts of help to others.
Redemption is an important part of our moral behavior, of who we are as moral beings, yet redemption is not something you will ever hear discussed in a philosophy class.
s Four Component Model of moral behavior, the author proposes a unique framework from which to understand the TR internship experience.
Moral behavior is partly inherent and partly learned.