moral compulsion

See: coercion
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For example, a politician who has had a generous contribution to his campaign could feel an innate moral compulsion to satisfy a debt to be paid, or a doctor, who has received a research grant from a pharmaceutical company might feel a similar urge to give something back.
Somehow, the moral compulsion that required them to say "no more" wasn't there in the 1980s, and the inevitability doctrine has continued ever since.
Bail in a explosive substances case- No legal or moral compulsion to keep a person in Jail merely on the allegation of commission of offences punishable with death or imprisonment for life.
Logic, if not moral compulsion, requires that its leader should be pro-labor,' he said.
I agree with her that Mendoza and those who concurred with him (Presbitero Velasco, Teresita de Castro, Mariano del Castillo and Estela Bernabe) should have distanced themselves from the cases by dint of some moral compulsion. A 'hero's burial' for one who never was a hero but instead committed 'atrocities' against his own people just does not compute.
Chapter 3 moves on to examining the character of what a moral concern for nonhuman nature would be, in the process looking at the work of Eric Katz, Mary Midgley and Thomas Hill, and leads to the suggestion that most cases 'can still fit into the paradigm of a moral ideal, in which the moral compulsion is not socially enforceable' (p.
"One can be convicted of moral compulsion -- the crime of which the arrestees in the Dec.
Enlightened world constantly keeps on revising the charters related to media regulation whether under moral compulsion of self regulation or through statutory arrangements.
There is little historic evidence that US foreign policy in the Arab world has been guided by moral compulsion.
"Speaking the truth was a moral compulsion for me -- it brought harm to my family, my business interests and my political relationships.
Aristotle places the city as the outer limit to the exercise of moral compulsion: a public responsibility for virtue beyond the city is unnatural.
They loathed the abolitionist movement on the grounds that to confront slavery in communities outside their own would entail "universal moral compulsion" (189).