moral conduct

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Increasingly it has become more and more imperative that we act with good moral conduct, particularly in respect to an increasingly social media-driven world.
While aid workers do generally agree to a code of moral conduct, the breakdown in law, order and civil society in places of desperation and poverty means following that code is a personal choice.
Speaking at a meeting of Shura Hamdard, organized by the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, to discuss the theme: 'Inclusion of the subject of morality in curricula of primary an higher education,' Dost Mohammed Faizi, former Sindh minister said that keeping in view the cor-ruption, mismanagement and moral degradation rampant in Pakistani society, it was necessary to hold a 'Day of Morality' in the country and that day should be fixed on January 9, the birthday of Hakim Mohammed Said, who not only had launched a 'movement of voice of morality but also brought out a magazine: 'Voice of Morality' to promote cause of morality and moral conduct necessary to make Pakistan a peaceful and pros-perous Islamic state.
Such censorship exonerates the proponents of violence and radicalism that ultimately anoint themselves as the harbingers of moral conduct.
What bears examining, however, is that such pious acts should have a deeper internal effect on daily life, meaning, they should be translated in the devotees' deeds and moral conduct.
A highest authority like God may be an answer to unify a code of moral conduct universally.
She added that taking part in the pageant was one of the "proudest moments" of her life, and highlighted that contestants were not judged solely on their physical appearance but on their professional and moral conduct as well.
Researchers have now looked at multiple aspects of moral conduct, from charitable giving and cheating in exams to helping strangers in need and cooperating with anonymous others.
Those supernatural creatures are concoctions of dualistic religions to scare people into adhering to a moral conduct.
The Catholic Church offers ethical advice covering countless aspects of moral conduct.
They are our most formidable ally in deepening exemplary moral conduct and promoting good sexual behaviour.
Criminal Law - Social law which deals with moral conduct in society