moral consciousness

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Hence, the world has become a world with no moral consciousness, a world whereby everyone feels they have the right to do as they wish with no care of the consequence.
The Walk for Life is a message that the Church is not blind and deaf to its mandate to stir the moral consciousness of the people.
9) This is the position of Pawel Lukow, "The Fact of Reason: Kant's Passage to Ordinary Moral Consciousness," Kant-Studien 84, no.
Furthermore, by and large, these participants regarded their participation in the program as having either been the primary cause of, or as having significantly contributed to, the changes in moral consciousness they reported experiencing.
His platform in the legislature was centered on issues of moral consciousness and limited government.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution can compromise humanity's traditional sources of meaning -- work, community, family and identity -- or it can lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a sense of shared destiny.
Man has to search it out in his mental and moral consciousness.
one of the fundamental experiences that awaken moral consciousness and responsibility" is especially worrying.
In such an environment, even "art for art's sake" would be a political statement of sorts, though it could foreground an appalling lack of moral consciousness as well.
While this tragic scenario unfolds time and time again, our national integrity as well as our moral consciousness and our religious beliefs are continuously being undermined.
Moral consciousness, human sensitivity, social justice, tolerance, pluralism and an equality of all beings are some of the seeds it sows, in the fertile and raw brains.
This intriguing Kantian position on the genesis of moral consciousness, and its prospects for developmental progress, is no doubt at odds with many common readings of Kant today and likely explains why a leading Kant scholar has recently stated that 'it is too seldom appreciated that Kant .