moral degeneracy

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Middleton's city comedies demonstrate the interrelationship between moral degeneracy and environmental degradation (chap.
Nothing better demonstrates the moral degeneracy of American political culture than the U.
Social prejudices on both sides of the religious divide hindered intermarriage, which was seen as a sign of moral degeneracy.
As a result, this Government has now begun to take on the same air of decay and moral degeneracy that characterised John Major's Tories in the run-up to 1997.
The difference between Crooke and Amis is that the latter is an essentially conservative figure who is, in effect, defending the moral degeneracy his novels excoriate as a price worth paying for Western freedom.
Indeed, Novak goes so far as to associate atheism with the moral degeneracy of Nazism and Marxist totalitarianism.
Myers's final chapter traces the evolution of Oviedo's depiction of native peoples according to the compositional stages of the History and reassesses the cliche, originating with Las Casas, that Oviedo represented the "darker side of the conquest" for his portrayal of indigenous moral degeneracy in the service of colonialist agendas.
For Goldsby, "Literature is particularly responsive to historical developments we cannot bear to admit shape the course of our lives" (6), and because of its unspeakable cruelty and moral degeneracy, lynching becomes understandable primarily through the indirect means that art provides, even as the viewer/artist may be guilty of a "vicarious act of complicity" in the spectacle itself (15).
the butchery at Fredericksburg, Antietam, or Gettysburg, seemed to become pagan acts of moral degeneracy in retrospect" (200).
Though a repository for anxieties about the growing power of finance in the first half of the 19th century, Wall Street really came into its own in the decades after the Civil War, as did a mounting tide of criticism of its speculative ethic and apparent moral degeneracy.
She explains how the "arbitrary removal of whole classes and categories from moral concern - - whether on the basis of race or gender or ethnicity or religion - - is a sign of moral degeneracy, not progress.