moral degeneracy

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From the 1850s onwards, negative stereotypes of the Chinese developed in fiction, theater, and cartoons coming from American traders, missionaries, and diplomats who stressed their moral degeneracy. Chinatowns became the settings for fiction in America after 1882, much of which involved tong wars, opium dens, secret societies, and gambling.
This programmatic modernism encouraged the Nazis to inject eugenics and "racial science" into the arteries of the modern nation-state to enable it to transcend a liberal age responsible, as they saw it, for an epidemic of the physical and moral degeneracy that was afflicting Germany.
Yes, here we have just another example of the moral degeneracy rotting our estates and inner cities.
Vociferously expressing her disapproval of evidence of such moral degeneracy, she and her hoover never entered my flatmate's room again.
Middleton's city comedies demonstrate the interrelationship between moral degeneracy and environmental degradation (chap.
I'm usually a stickler for queuing and I believe that queue-jumping is indicative of moral degeneracy. But if the queue is getting longer from the middle because of people "just passing through" and the person in front is balancing three tiers of plates hoarding all the juicy middle bits of the roast beef, then all bets are off.
Nothing better demonstrates the moral degeneracy of American political culture than the U.S.
Fourteenth-century commentators seem to have identified two main areas for criticism: first, the avarice of the nobility and soldiery; second, the moral degeneracy of the military leaders, clergy and population at large.
Social prejudices on both sides of the religious divide hindered intermarriage, which was seen as a sign of moral degeneracy. Nevertheless, the number of marriages between Jews and non-Jews increased fourfold between 1890 and the First World War.
As a result, this Government has now begun to take on the same air of decay and moral degeneracy that characterised John Major's Tories in the run-up to 1997.
The difference between Crooke and Amis is that the latter is an essentially conservative figure who is, in effect, defending the moral degeneracy his novels excoriate as a price worth paying for Western freedom.