moral excellence

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The thesis of Aristotle in this exercise is that, the best way of living is to strive for moral excellence that produces happiness.
Aristotle believed that moral excellence is found in a happy human community.
As such, she intends to show how the behavior of Tolkien's heroes can inspire the reader and set examples of moral excellence. The main part of the book follows a simple chronological plan.
Moral excellence concerns feelings and emotions as well as action.
Lee's critical response to Pre-Raphaelite aestheticism is interestingly conveyed through her critique of beauty as devoid of justice, charity and "moral excellence" (34).
The best poetry embodied moral excellence by its own characteristics--what Matthew Arnold called high truth and high seriousness.
Asma Afsaruddin's examination of the lives of women in the prophet Muhammad's time, based on a comparison of female entries in biographical dictionaries starting from the period of Abbasid (133/750-648/1250) to that of Andalusian and Mamluk (648/1250992/1517), traces in careful detail the changing conceptions of the moral excellence of women and as well as the prescriptive conduct manuals of the time, which explains the normative behavior of women concerning their presence and roles in public space.
of Canterbury) take virtue in its standard Greek definition of moral excellence that takes various personal and public forms, and argue that it characterizes emerging forms of openness such as open source, open access, open archiving, and open publishing.
Solomon also highlights fictional characteristics of these works, namely an epic rhetoric of 'heroic metaphors', whereby the self-invested knightly physicians contrasted their wisdom, exemplary record, and moral excellence with the shortcomings of demonized 'mad' or 'foolish' doctors, variously denounced as 'incompetent, immoral, deceiving', and even 'evil' (p.
As tools to be used in achieving moral excellence of OHPs, codes of ethics can be evaluated with respect to their understanding, communication, implementation and impact.
Rahman Baba contends that man is a social being so much so that he cannot realize his moral excellence in seclusion or solitude.
119), when a person realizes that the heights of moral excellence require more than he or she is ready to take on.