moral excellence

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Virtue, being a form of moral excellence such as goodness, honesty, kindness and so on are said to be of two types.
For each of these discrete faculties and roles, Aristotle maintains that we can isolate a specific moral excellence in the mean between extremes.
The point to be underscored is that man can realize his moral excellence only by living in andthro' these relations.
7 : moral excellence <She is a person of character known for her honesty.
By 1828 in America and 1848 in Europe the doctrine had arisen that all moral excellence, and with it all pure and unfettered sagacity, resided in the inferior four-fifths of mankind.
Academic excellence cannot be equated with moral excellence, Carter contends, so we cannot expect honors students to be less vulnerable to temptation than other students.
According to Plato and Aristotle, the liberal arts are the subjects suitable for the development of intellectual and moral excellence, as distinguished from those merely useful and practical.
In addition to Antonaccio's contribution, this discussion includes, among others, fine articles by Robin Lovin on moral theories, Thomas Ogletree on moral formation, and Lee Yearly on moral excellence.
8) Suzuki harbored no assumption that Zen satori would enable moral excellence.
Before leading the prayer, Wadud, who sometimes referred to God as 'She' or 'It,' said it was time "to recognize moral excellence in women" and make them spiritual leaders in Islam.
Physicians and surgeons should practice and teach medicine and conduct research to standards of intellectual and moral excellence.