moral faculty

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When John asserts that, say, his conscience requires pacifism, he acknowledges pacifism as a deliverance of this moral faculty.
Hume's moral faculty, based on the sentiments, bridged what ordinarily was thought as a rational instinct self contained, to an immediate response of more generalized feelings of humanity.
But it is exceedingly unlikely that any such distinct moral faculty exists, if only because the field we call morality cannot be neatly divided from numerous other aspects of mental life, including aesthetic evaluation, religious beliefs, rules of etiquette, prudential reasoning, legal rules, customs, and traditions.
Moral sense cannot be confused with a determination of reason, which can only look for and know means to reach the ends perceived by it, and is only circumscribed to this moral faculty.
Faced with Jesus' warning "Judge not lest you be judged," Midgley insists that Jesus is not taking aim at our moral faculty of judgment but instead criticizing vindictiveness.
The unconscious calculus of our moral faculty (Marc Hauser).
Ocean Defense League fully expects the enlightened and moral faculty and administration of Monmouth University to allow the free speech demonstration criticizing the Chairman of Ocean Dumping to go forward unhindered.