moral practice

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Xi Jinping made an important comment on the National Moral Modeling Activity: "The moral model is an example of moral practice" (2014: 1).
But the concept of 'mask', a negative concept in Thai thought, is conceived of differently from 'face work' and 'keeping up appearances', terms that refer to practices that are generally allowed and expected in Thai moral practice. Vorng fails to elaborate on the differences between maintaining appearances and notions concerning 'mask'.
We must heed this warning and begin to engage those who uphold 'the new normal' of moral practice and standards in a conversation or dialogue.?
This statement by thirteen-year-old Christopher shows how the boundary between the ethical framework of his school and his personal moral practice converged in his striving towards a 'good' life:
convictions, judgments and attitudes that shape our moral practice, the
It argues that nursing is an inherently moral practice and that this places moral obligations on individual nurses to cultivate the sort of disposition necessary to ensure their actions enable, rather than diminish, human flourishing.
Schussler (Eds.), Teaching as a moral practice: Defining, developing, and assessing professional dispositions in teacher education.
A Review of Teaching as a Moral Practice: Defining, Developing, and Assessing Professional Dispositions in Teacher Education.
The basic "secret," one might say, is that modern European states differed from other cultures by the moral practice of individualism, in which the wants and beliefs of individuals are recognized not as disruptive, but as valuable in themselves.
Is a life of menial labor ultimately the most moral practice?
Perhaps one answer is captured in the view that palliative care is a moral practice based on hope and acceptance, and that good palliative care depends on the moral quality of the staff working in the field.
Hence, the development of EI has the potential to be a moral practice. This could result in a significant shift in thinking.