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His attempt to reconcile moral principles and power politics--and particularly his concepts of "power-maintenance" and "convention-dependent" norms--can serve as a useful point of departure for future research.
Applying moral principles to situations involved in respecting the rights of minor clients served in school settings is not always easy.
Second, at this early stage there would be dialogue between opposing moral principles.
These moral principles are general and do not spell out what we ought to do in particular cases, but they serve as negative guides: a choice or policy which directly violates them is wrong and should not be implemented.
If moral principles are based on cultural conditioning, then, according to this argument, there can be no way to decide cross-cultural moral disputes rationally and, therefore, no way to justify absolutism.
So for many people, her long silence on the Clinton scandal looked like a double standard of politics, rather than any commitment to moral principle.
Rather than challenging the fundamental moral principle of the welfare state - that the individual has no right to his own wealth if others are needy - Republicans timidly claimed that they were not really cutting welfare spending.
SIR - Once again Shirley Bassey's lack of moral principle is making headlines.
F) stands in contrast to (D), which says that the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment is not tied in any way to the framers' views about it, except by expressing a moral principle they accept.
Yet our nation is ignoring this basic moral principle by failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
at least guarantees that promises ought to be kept, ceteris paribus, and that the moral principle
The insertion of human rights into these IGO programs shows that a moral principle had to be assessed on its utilitarian value: Applications of the principle had to be shown as instrumental to the interests of the IGOs (e.