moral rectitude

References in classic literature ?
Young as he is, that lad's notions of moral rectitude I defy you ever to eradicate."
"Dear Miss Clack, a pious fraud which even your high moral rectitude will excuse!
There are some men who, living with the one object of enriching themselves, no matter by what means, and being perfectly conscious of the baseness and rascality of the means which they will use every day towards this end, affect nevertheless--even to themselves--a high tone of moral rectitude, and shake their heads and sigh over the depravity of the world.
THERE were more questions than answers as the mask of respectability and moral rectitude that surrounded MP Stephen Collins slipped forever.
Or should we stand aside and uphold our moral rectitude even though that might lead to more harm to embryos than otherwise?
With a sly sense of humor that starts with the opening credit rifles, "Dora-Heita" contains all the ingredients of the classic samurai movie, essentially the character of the loner with enemies on all sides who manages to overcome all odds, thanks to his incredible swordsmanship and his moral rectitude, though he has a lot of fun pretending to be a disreputable character along the way.
However, if they adopt Bush Junior's inclusive approach they may harm their reputation for being the party of moral rectitude.
Only President Buhari who has the moral rectitude and commitment can sustain the gains that have been recorded in some of the nation's critical sectors and most profoundly on security.
To add to your moral rectitude, Ramadan fasting this year will be longer as the time between dawn to dusk will stretch to an interminable 15 hours.
One trusts, in this climate of high moral rectitude, they also request visitors to their website to remain fully clothed when they study the videos on offer.
Down, who also works for Channel 4, was outraged, writing: "Mary Whitehouse is dead, long live Warwick Bartlett, the new arbiter of moral rectitude on the box."
Often very funny in its portrayal of local types and its guarded critique of the state's moral rectitude, pic's multilingual humor is likely to be lost on anyone unfamiliar with the argot and mind-set.