moral rectitude

References in classic literature ?
Young as he is, that lad's notions of moral rectitude I defy you ever to eradicate.
Dear Miss Clack, a pious fraud which even your high moral rectitude will excuse
There are some men who, living with the one object of enriching themselves, no matter by what means, and being perfectly conscious of the baseness and rascality of the means which they will use every day towards this end, affect nevertheless--even to themselves--a high tone of moral rectitude, and shake their heads and sigh over the depravity of the world.
For starters, Guterres must use the bully pulpit of his office to the fullest extent, in order to invoke the moral rectitude and values of the organization.
How is moral rectitude, honesty, sagacity, and morality a prerequisite only for parliamentarians, and not for those who sit on judgment on all matters?
But your advice to President Buhari that he should take a rest is not anchored on any moral rectitude.
And Israel, so intent on projecting itself as a liberal, democratic entity imbued with an abundance of moral rectitude, fears the fallout from a confrontation more than, for example, those pathetic rockets fired at it from Gaza.
I'm pretty sure you're not trying to convince [sic] that every single journalist on the planet is the epitome of moral rectitude.
Both are psychological narratives of the opposing yet codependent forces of moral rectitude and moral depravity.
Similarly, Thorvaldsen's irregular and complicated personal life--a mistress and illegitimate daughter, and two broken engagements in quick succession--is relevant inasmuch as it contrasts sharply with his mature reputation as a Christian sculptor of moral rectitude.
One would have thought that the prestige and moral rectitude of the members of the National Council would never have been doubted.
The local Catholic Church says people should vote for leaders with moral rectitude.