moral rectitude

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There are some men who, living with the one object of enriching themselves, no matter by what means, and being perfectly conscious of the baseness and rascality of the means which they will use every day towards this end, affect nevertheless--even to themselves--a high tone of moral rectitude, and shake their heads and sigh over the depravity of the world.
But there is something peculiarly German about the chasm between professed moral rectitude and reckless wrongdoing, between high culture and low conduct, between angels' wings and nitrogen oxides; and there is something peculiarly German about the devastating impact this has.
It's difficult not to warm to Mosley when he elicits a smile with one tale of moral rectitude.
What he had been saying, in effect, was that everyone was dishonest while he was the pillar of moral rectitude and incorruptibility, on a one-man campaign to clean up society.
As for drawing contemporary parallels between Nazi Germany and Belgium--currently the bureaucratic heart of the European Union--Belgium appears as convinced of its moral rectitude today as the interwar Germans were before the Nazis occupied Belgium in 1940, and just as oblivious of its ultimate cost.
The major themes of Hafez's ghazals are love, the celebration of wine and exposing the hypocrisy of those who have set themselves up as guardians, judges, and examples of moral rectitude.
To add to your moral rectitude, Ramadan fasting this year will be longer as the time between dawn to dusk will stretch to an interminable 15 hours.
Justice represents moral rectitude and fairness and can only be achieved when we are determined to apply it in every field of individual and collective life, he added.
I always thought that doing this would be demeaning to the dignity and integrity of true journalists who should be true and loyal to their conscience and moral rectitude first and foremost.
I am very pleased to know this force of moral rectitude is about to be unleashed in this city of sinners, since it is high time someone addressed this most urgent of needs.
In its storytelling heft, its moral rectitude, the solemn magnificence of its writing and the splendor of its hymns to New York City, the new novel is a spiritual pendant to Winter's Tale, and every bit as extraordinary.
The conflict can no longer be portrayed as that of "the few against the many," the besieged beacon of moral rectitude in a dark swamp of antagonism.