moral science

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It may be fun to you," said Miss Lindsay sharply; "but it is not very creditable to me, as Miss Wilson said just now, to take a prize in moral science and then have to write down that I don't know how to behave myself.
That's because you don't know as much moral science as I, though I never took a prize in it.
All that they knew was, that they spoke of a glory to be revealed,--a wondrous something yet to come, wherein their soul rejoiced, yet knew not why; and though it be not so in the physical, yet in moral science that which cannot be understood is not always profitless.
Modi then led his words into a genial moral science lesson just short of preaching.
A concerted move is underway in the north Indian state of Rajasthan to revamp the education syllabus in schools in hopes to usher in major changes in text books covering Indian culture, moral science and would include stories of "mahapurush" or great Hindu leaders.
In natural science, the task is to make new discoveries and to formulate novel theories, and to have the courage of propounding them in opposition to established knowledge; in moral science, it is to rediscover old observations and to rearticulate ancient principles and to have the courage to defend them in opposition to the pretensions of scientism.
of Austral, Argentina) examines economics as a moral science.
Eighteenth-century moral science took its significance from a context that modern philosophers who seek to be practically relevant need, but lack.
Ismat secured 495 marks out of a total of 500, scoring 100 in mathematics, chemistry, painting and moral science, but missing out only in physics and English in which he scored 97 and 98 marks, respectively.
7) Elements of Moral Science as well as the other textbooks revealed that Wayland was not an original or creative thinker in the American philosophical tradition but an accomplished systematizer, a kind of academic middleman who took the ideas of the major philosophers and great thinkers and translated them to students and a wider reading public.
It will feature 28 classrooms in addition to a number of other facilities, including activity rooms, staff rooms, moral science rooms, and a prayer room.
In The Elements of Moral Science, Porter outlined the moral reformers' understanding of human nature and the reputed impact that "licentious literature" had upon individuals and society.