moral science

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It may be fun to you," said Miss Lindsay sharply; "but it is not very creditable to me, as Miss Wilson said just now, to take a prize in moral science and then have to write down that I don't know how to behave myself.
That's because you don't know as much moral science as I, though I never took a prize in it.
All that they knew was, that they spoke of a glory to be revealed,--a wondrous something yet to come, wherein their soul rejoiced, yet knew not why; and though it be not so in the physical, yet in moral science that which cannot be understood is not always profitless.
Some factors which could have led to this explosive situation could be the absence of prayer and of moral science classes, the business model of education, profiteering, emotional illiteracy, neglect of physical education, the exclusive focus on scoring high marks, extended school hours both before and after class, blanking out of co-curricular activities, bankruptcy of human values etc.
Sermonising sentences do not appeal to me any longer, for I feel like sitting in a moral science classroom.
To promote greater tolerance among students belonging to different religions, she suggested like earlier Moral Science classes, religious books of all religions may be exposed so that students can start appreciating other religions.
However, it's one thing to teach moral science lessons and preach about good behaviour and to display the exact opposite, especially in schools.
When Moral Science teacher, Nidhi came to take class, the monitor handed over the list to her, which was followed by an individual beating meted out to each of the offenders by the teacher.
Lobis further shows that Adam Smith, like his forebear Hume, also engaged in such disenchantment by focusing on facts and developing "a moral science founded on sympathy" (291).
He was one of the most distinguished scholar and his academic appointments includes the King George V Chair of Mental and Moral Science at the University of Calcutta (1921-1932) and Spalding Professor of Eastern Religion and Ethics at University of Oxford (1936-1952).
Selfishness does have its perks sometimes and that's not something you learn from your Moral Science class.