moral sense

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And though this satisfies the moral sense, it does not inspire pity or fear.
The "singleness" a strong character exhibits is the Unity of the universe--it is God and thus, one is left to suppose, witnesses recognize it with their moral sense.
I don''t mean in the moral sense of good and evil, though that in itself could prove an interesting topic.
Although I am not a Catholic, I know many people who are and in general they are friendly, law-abiding citizens who are just as keen to ensure that their children are well educated, well behaved and have a strong moral sense of right and wrong as the rest of us do.
The one-state proposition eliminates these two obstacles and provides a sense of justice to both parties--in the moral sense at least.
Our moral sense allowed us to transcend our individual selfishness and make sacrifices for the group, which helped our communities succeed in their competition with other groups.
in Bend, Oregon, on March 13, 1933, he developed a strong moral sense and a love of the outdoors.
Retail chief Tim Matthews, of Wickes DIY stores, said: "It makes good commercial and moral sense to make use of the skills that veterans have.
The scientists concluded that children under two have a general expectation of fairness that indicates some innate moral sense that can be nurtured or stifled by social environment.
Sajida is an instinctive artist in the sense that her artistic works have their basis in the innate moral sense of art, said Aleena, Curator of the show.
Exciting Reasons and Moral Rationalism in Hutcheson's Illustrations upon the Moral Sense, JOHN J.
Where is the human decency here or have we all gone completely mad and lost most of our moral sense of responsibility?