moral soundness

See: integrity
References in classic literature ?
Worthy of special praise, lastly, is the moral soundness of all Dickens' work, praise which is not seriously affected by present-day sneers at his
It is more than just accuracy; it is more than just truthfulness, it denotes integrity or moral soundness. Islam commands truthfulness.
There are many instances in the seerah (Prophetic biography) that illustrate the moral soundness of the Prophet Muhammad.
At a time when the public eye is trained even more closely on governance and corruption issues in the Philippine bureaucracy, I wish to remain unambiguous about my position: that public service requires great transparency, accountability, and moral soundness among those who wish to engage in it, and that in my entire career as a public servant, I have always endeavored to exemplify these qualities as best as I can.
It is a behavior rooted in moral soundness, high values, with cause and effect.
Almost from the outset, though, deans of what would become the Ivy League universities held the building of civic pride and moral soundness in America's ruling citizenry to be their highest goal, even higher than the training of ministers, as had been the norm in Mother England.
However, political impartiality and apparent moral soundness is evidently not the only criterion for popular support on an important issue like financial forecasting.
There is not much in the way of description of actual cases or historical background, though for her purposes, these omissions are understandable; but the recurring format sometimes limits opportunities for more wide-ranging reflection, for instance regarding the foundational issues raised in the first chapter--or indeed, regarding her assumptions about the moral soundness of widely accepted practices in liberal societies.
If the moral soundness is a necessary condition for policy soundness, and if policy soundness so understood is a necessary condition of legal validity, is the antidiscrimination law legally valid?
While I certainly bow to Bala's knowledge of the Canadian legal system, I question the moral soundness of this statement.
"Puritan intolerance may have been ridiculed, as it certainly was in the early nineteenth century, but for the most part this intolerance was seen as an unfortunate historical byproduct of the moral soundness of the Puritan character" (181).