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There's a fine line between conviction and radicalism, between moralism and sanctimoniousness, between thoughtfulness and ineffectualness, between resolve and stubbornness.
For all his moralism, John Foster got it wrong when it came to Hitler's Germany (unlike Allen, who warned his brother that the Nazis were a dangerous bunch).
Legal moralism has patently not worked--as Beauchesne notes, a quarter of Canadians surveyed in 1994 had used an illicit drug at some point in their lives--and, as with alcohol many decades ago, prohibition has produced a dangerous underground economy with global dimensions, largely impervious to any "War on Drugs." The central thrust of this collection of essays is sympathetic to more liberalism.
According to Williams, the fallacy of what he calls "political moralism" is to think that moral considerations are supremely important.
Moralism, an inordinate, legalistic dependence upon absolute moral codes out of fear of divine judgment, leads to elaborate, complicated casuistry.
The latent Jansenism of American Catholicism, combined with the moralism of the mainstream culture, robbed Catholicism in the United States of the kinds of cultural expressions of faith one finds in Catholic countries.
Price's provocative piece on culture and moralism may have application in a number of prevention areas.
Only modern "legalism and moralism" have twisted the rule of law in ways that preclude meaningful and rightful self defense against those who operate outside the law and with no regard for its limitations on the use of violence.
My own mode of discussing Douglas Husak's excellent new book, Overcriminalization, (1) is by comparing the theory that book defends--what Husak calls "minimalism"--with a theory with which I am already familiar, namely, my own brand of legal moralism. (2) Both theories purport at least to be theories about the same thing: the proper aims and limits for criminal legislation in a liberal, democratic state.
Every introduction to philosophy of law waxes loud on the evils of legal moralism. So moralism must be a Bad Thing, mustn't it?
How long is the Anglican Communion to be held hostage to this kind of hypocrisy and moralism? They claim that the church in North America has been seduced by the decadent culture of the West.
But "good" and "evil" may still resonate, though a war in which millions of Iraqis have been killed, wounded, or forced from their homes as a consequence of our actions should make Americans wary of such binary moralism.