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According to a spare view of what it is that is morally obligatory on us not to do, legal moralism is quite constraining on a legislator.
The conversion often takes the form of normative moralism and sometimes that of hostility towards dissident lifestyles and worldviews, maybe even towards life itself--human life, to be more precise.
One could add to Huggins' list of faults the tendency of some Baptists (though certainly not limited to them) to emphasize moralism.
When a person is well-conditioned to adequate behavior in actual space-time situations and yet harbors a considerable segment of moralism and philosophy, the reconcilement is likely to take the form rationalizing; the rationalizations will in their turn constitute a new set of stimuli, likewise demanding expression in action.
Ultimately sanctions are popular because of the moralism, self-deception, hypocrisy, and timidity that infect much of international relations today.
Both have widowed, meddling mothers who have infused guilt and a neurotic self-image into their sons, and both rebel against this moralism with radical self-assertion.
Roger Scruton attacks what he regards as Modern Movement moralism.
To Michael Mason, "the nub of our hostility to the Victorians is their supposed sexual moralism" (Sexuality 3)--a moralism that he simultaneously explodes and ratifies in two densely packed volumes, The Making of Victorian Sexuality and The Making of Victorian Sexual Attitudes.
They substituted instead a self-serving moralism that justified slavery, although they did at the same time insist that slaves be treated in a more humane and "Christian" manner.
The Gimi are simply beyond Levi-Strauss' moralism of kinship sociality.
Challenges the moralism of much of the analysis of ethical consumption, which sees it as a retreat from proper citizenly politics and an expression of individualised consumerism
And in a certain sense I think that moralism can be very defeating for the United States and its undertakings.