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But perhaps he falls into his own form of moralism, his own nostalgia for an America that never really existed, when he seems to posit the existence of an Edenic country that was once free of the corrupting embrace of the rest of the world.
Another of the new realists, Raymond Geuss, also sees moralism as an obstacle to realistic politics.
Moralism, an inordinate, legalistic dependence upon absolute moral codes out of fear of divine judgment, leads to elaborate, complicated casuistry.
The latent Jansenism of American Catholicism, combined with the moralism of the mainstream culture, robbed Catholicism in the United States of the kinds of cultural expressions of faith one finds in Catholic countries.
The first stems from Husak's observation that legal moralism is the "most important rival" to his own minimalist theory [196].
And although Devlin's patterned minidresses and Pan Am travel bag give the work a period flavor, Bernadette never loses itself to nostalgia, moralism, or hagiography.
Fullinwider parses moralism in the pejorative sense--from now on I will drop the qualifier, as this will be the only sense at issue--as 'judgmentalism', 'the habit of uncharitably and officiously passing judgment on other people' (9).
Archbishop Gomez's claim that "The gospel must take precedence over culture," is a two-edged sword which cuts through cant and moralism in Africa as much as in the West.
But "good" and "evil" may still resonate, though a war in which millions of Iraqis have been killed, wounded, or forced from their homes as a consequence of our actions should make Americans wary of such binary moralism.
Much as we might wish the administration had orchestrated events so the inspectors had a year instead of three months, much as we deplore the arrogance and binary moralism, much as we worry about all the things that could go wrong, we are hard pressed to see an alternative that is not built on wishful thinking.
Perhaps this painful story will help more preachers (like myself) to back away from the easy answers and binary thinking that are so easy to dispense and to reject the simplistic moralism Jesus diagnosed in the Pharisees who, he said, loaded up burdens on the backs of others that they themselves couldn't bear.