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Among supporters of legal abortion, under none of the specific circumstances do more than about a third believe that abortion is morally wrong.
Therefore, before individuals can morally and ethically justify deception, they must be willing to publicly justify the decision to deceive.
One way in which a work may fail to elicit the required moral assessments from an audience, a morally sensitive audience, is if the moral perspective required to form the relevant moral assessment is evil.
Conversely, extramarital affairs, cloning humans, suicide and polygamy are viewed most broadly by Americans as morally wrong behaviors.
"We have taken this decision for buildings constructed recently because we believe that it is morally right," the housebuilder said.
"Someone who is 'morally illiterate' is not necessarily an immoral or intentionally bad person.
Fewer than two in 10 Americans (14%) say they found human cloning morally acceptable in the same survey.
We combined data from the 2013-2017 surveys and found that almost half of Americans see abortion as morally wrong, with only 20% saying it should be totally illegal.
If we could administer the latter good, it seems clear that it would be morally significant to help that person.
Sturgeon said: "The fact that the UK Government are refusing to pause implementation, even though they know it is pushing vulnerable people into debt and rent arrears and making it difficult for parents to put food on the table, is not only morally unacceptable, it is morally repugnant.
To make sense of viewers' engagement with shows and stories featuring morally complex characters, Mina Vogel, assistant professor of communication at Boston (Mass.) University, is studying narratives that are constructed to encourage viewers or readers to empathize with morally complex characters.
The treatment of moral injury, I understand, begins with understanding and forgiveness, offered and received by the morally wounded.