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For we have seen that if Mary has a morally justified legal right to the exclusive use of her driveway, then it follows that she is morally permitted to use that driveway as she wishes (within limits), and others are morally permitted to use the driveway only with her permission (again, within limits).
Morally Bankrupt represents Acey's second attempt at social commentary, challenging established ideas of morality and revolution.
Thus, Smith can conclude that the most morally valuable course of action for Baker to take, as of times prior to promising Classics the position, is to allocate it to the History department.
Some accept "no comment" as a morally sound response when law enforcement officials have information that they cannot or should not share with the general public.
One way in which a work may fail to elicit the required moral assessments from an audience, a morally sensitive audience, is if the moral perspective required to form the relevant moral assessment is evil.
that God does not exist, our status as persons (and thus morally responsible
A clammy rot sets ill, and the theatrical artifice turns morally toxic under its celluloid sheen.
adults today believe the procedure is morally wrong (49%) than morally acceptable (43%).
Since 2001, there has been a 14-point rise in the percentage of Americans who find divorce morally acceptable, even as the national divorce rate has declined.
Frankfurt-style cases purport to show that an agent can be uncontroversially morally responsible for an action despite being unable to do otherwise.
And is it morally right for MPs during Parliamentary debates to behave like kids at a bunfight when they should be behaving with dignity?