morally evil

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The story is beautifully mentioned in the Quran (18:65-82) with the following explanations from Alkhader about why God ordered him to do what initially seemed to be morally evil actions or helping bad people.
It is an argument based on the premise that Kim is irrational and morally evil and that North Korea cannot be contained as the Soviet Union and China were after they obtained nuclear weapons, although they too had abysmal human rights records.
It must also be pointed out that when the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are intrinsically morally evil, she is not discriminating against homosexuals.
One can see this evolution toward greater moral maturity even in the writings and life of Irenaeus himself, as he passionately probes the depths of his deeply moral soul to confront the Gnostics, which he perceived as a morally evil threat to Christianity (Unger, 1992).
It is generally regarded as morally evil and often considered to be less acceptable than envy, which is regarded as a deadly sin.
It is unclear where a Baudrillardean reading of such killings as "poisonous [Maussean] gifts directed along the media arteries of the system" (117) could reside, but it is likely neither in the heads of the killers themselves, who often leave messages indicating that they are simply pursuing power over those they feel have hurt or denied them, nor in the consciousness of the general public, as they most frequently view such individuals as mentally ill, morally evil, or both.
First, the action from which evil results should be good or indifferent in itself, it should not be morally evil. Second, the intention of the agent should be upright - that is, the evil effect should not be intended.
Among his topics are forms of Christian optimism, evolution, the content and effects of a morally evil act, corporate guilt and original sin, judging and excusing, and expiation and the victim's need for justice.
When an act's intrinsic order conflicts with the agent's imposed intentional order, the result is a sort of "natural error" whereby the act fails to attain its proper end, but which is not in itself morally evil. The moral evil arises from the "voluntary error" whereby the agent's intention works to block an act's teleological direction toward some human good, and redirect it to a new end.
The Church teaches that one may legitimately choose to carry out an act that is morally good, but which has one or more unintended side effects that are morally evil. Guidelines that must be met for that act to be morally acceptable are as follows.
19): If the bishops are so intent on influencing this election, perhaps they could begin by reminding us all how morally evil it would be for anyone to vote against a candidate solely on the basis of race.
For instance, he translates "culpa" as "moral wrong" instead of "fault" or "guilt," in order to capture Thomas's meaning, of the objective defect of morally evil acts.