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When asked what he does to unwind and have fun, Thakkar immediately refers to his spiritual guide Morari Bapu, a globe-trotting preacher with a big international following whom he tries to see every couple of months.
TENNIS fan Lee Henderson could be forgiven for taking his eye of the ball during the Australian Open as his mind was on preparing to pop the question to girlfriend Liliane Morari.
The front row also had a sprinkling of saffron as religious leaders, including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Morari Bapu, Jagadguru Rambhadracharya, and Sadhvi Rithambara stood out prominently.
Ramdev ended his nine-day-long fast, undertaken to press his demand for bringing back black money stashed away in foreign banks, and to step up war against corruption, on Sunday after being persuaded to do so by a host of spiritual leaders, including Art of Living Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Morari Bapu.
The persuaded parties include the following: tigers, forests and streams (tu potes tigres comitesque silvas / ducere et rivos celeres morari, 13-14).
Nardi S, Morari F, Berti A, Tosoni M, Giardini L (2004) Soil organic matter properties after 40 years of different use of organic and mineral fertilizers.
Campo and Morari (1989) showed that a Proportional-Integral control law was the Linear Quadratic regulator that minimized the Var([[?
Dentre as tecnicas de medida da C e R, destacam-se: a RGA (Matriz de Ganhos Relativos) (Bristol, 1966), SVD (Decomposicao em Valores Singulares) (Morari e Zalfiriu, 1989) e NMP (Limite de Desempenho Associado com os Componentes de Pase nao-Minima) (Holt e Morari, 1985).
BF 2:575: "Volentes igitur concordiae utriusque Ordinis diligenter intendere, ac saluti animarum dicti Ordinis Sancti Damiani misericorditer providere, discretionem tuam, fili Generalis Minister, rogamus, et hortamur attente, per Apostolica tibi scripta mandantes, quatenus usque ad generale capitulum tui Ordinis proximum celebrandum, aliquos de Fratribus tuis facias in monasteriis morari in quibus tempore dictae commissionis factae dicto Episcopo morabantur; .
ipsi Priores omnes cum Vexillifero Justitie insimul morari, state, dormire et conmedere debeant in una domo ubi voluerint, et quam viderint abiliorem pro eorum offitio commodius exercendo" (Compagni, 27Sf).