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On 1st of March 2018, State Secretary for European integration Daniela Morari had a meeting with Mr.
The video, tweeted by leading Indian channels such as Times Now and Zee TV in the run up to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi's visit to the UAE, claimed that Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed had chanted "Jai Siya Ram" (a common Hindu prayerful greeting addressing the deity Ram) while addressing a Hindu spiritual programme conducted by the guru Morari Bapu in Abu Dhabi in September 2016.
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Dal Ferro N, Berti A, Francioso O, Ferrari E, Matthews GP, Morari F (2012) Investigating the effects of wettability and pore size distribution on aggregate stability: the role of soil organic matter and the humic fraction.
2008-09: There were major Chinese incursions in the general area of the barren land at Chumar, East of the picturesque Morari Tso, Zulung La and the 22, 420 feet high Mount Gya.
The fish Cabdio morar (Hamilton, 1822) is a member of the family Cyprinidae, commonly known as morari in Bangladesh and Aspidoparia in India.
Electricity and irrigation are all very well, but it is the government's responsibility to ensure that the original flow is maintained at all costs," says spiritual leader Morari Bapu.
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Several algorithms have been developed to adapt reference trajectories automatically (Jezernik, Colombo, and Morari 2004) or to make the trajectories of certain limb joints more compliant than those of other joints (Stauffer et al.
Morari Bapu, a well-known Hindu spiritual guru of Gujarat, accused the Christians of bringing in plane-loads of missionaries from the Vatican " who come here to carry out conversion activities but when we organise a 'ghar wapsi' why should it be termed as bad?
Tambien lo son las tecnicas de optimizacion, las cuales buscan reducir un funcional de costo que se relaciona con una funcion de energia (Geyer, Papafotiou, Frasca, & Morari, 2008; Alasooly, 2010; Bianchi, Egea-Alvarez, Junyent-Ferre, & Gomis-Bellmunt, 2012).