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delay. In Scots law it is argued that delay, even a delay short of any prescriptive or limitation period, might bar a right.

MORA, In civil law. This term, in mora, is used to denote that a party to a contract, who is obliged to do anything, has neglected to perform it, and is in default. Story on Bailm. Sec. 123, 259; Jones on Bailm. 70; Poth. Pret a Usage, c. 2, Sec. 2, art. 2, n. 60; Encyclopedie, mot Demeure; Broderode, mot Mora.

MORA, estates. A moor, barren or unprofitable ground; marsh; a heath. 1 Inst. 5; Fleta, lib. 2, c. 71.

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Theoretically, shared moras may also occur in the input, which would allow underlying ternary length oppositions.
Any vowel phoneme is short if it is linked to one mora and long if it is linked to two moras.
Vangelis Moras may debut but Stephen Dobbie (ankle), Alan Tate (leg) and Kemy Agustien (hamstring) are out.
WOLVES Hennessey, Stearman, Johnson, Berra, Ward, Jarvis, Henry, O'Hara, Hunt, Doyle, Ebanks-Blake SWANSEA Vorm, Rangel, Moras, Williams, Taylor, Britton, Gower, Allen, Dyer, Sinclair, Graham TV: LIVE ON SKY SPORTS 2 today, kick-off 12.
It should be easier for me to come to England because when I played in Italy every game was difficult and teams all have big players," explained Moras, who has won 15 caps for Greece.
Algumas linguas permitem silabas pesadas, mas nao permitem que a vogal ocupe duas moras, como o portugues.
Camilo Mora, 45, and his 39-year-old brother, Felipe, own two Torero's restaurants: The Springfield location is 3 years old, and the first Torero's, in Cottage Grove, is 9.
Mora Knives are available from Blue Ox Knives, 728 Westview St.
Las Moras wines are already the market leaders of the Argentine category in the United Kingdom and in Mexico.
Moras are preferably linked to voiced segments (Moren 2003 : 289).
A segunda silaba, que e cabeca do pe, compoe-se de duas moras, sendo que a primeira e a mora cabeca da silaba, inequivocamente seguida por uma mora dependente, estando, pois, de acordo com o postulado de DESCENDENCY de que toda marca de grade deve ter um elemento descendente a sua direita.