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Gynecological morbidity is a reproductive morbidity apart from those resulting from pregnancy, abortion, childbearing, and contraception.
Severe maternal morbidities demonstrated a J-shaped association with age: the lowest rates of morbidity were observed in women 20 to 34 years of age, and steeply increasing rates of morbidity were observed for women aged 40 and older.
Kalikivayi et al [6] observed prevalence of ocular morbidity from Southern India as 43.
6 This increase is an alarming sign, because obstetric acute renal failure is associated with maternal morbidity as well as fatality rate corresponding to 2.
Conclusion: Androgen deprivation therapy results in significantly increased risk of cardiovascular morbidity in patients with prostate cancer however this relationship between ADT and risk of cardiovascular morbidity may be confounded by unmeasured variables like obesity, atherosclerosis and body mass index (BMI) variations.
To assess the relationship between morbidity and nutritional status of adolescent school girls.
Conclusion: Perinatal mortality and morbidity in twin gestation decreased as the gestation advanced.
35 (70%) and 20 (40%) patients were GHQ+ve (GHQ-60score [greater than or equal to]12) and psychiatric morbidity diagnosed by MINI were 22 (44%) and 10 (20%) among psoriasis and acne patients, respectively.
For our first quality improvement initiative, we are keen to understand the strengths of current local review processes for severe maternal morbidity events.
Among its recommendations, the guidance calls on obstetric hospitals to use a two-step process to identify severe maternal morbidity, including a review of all cases that meet at least one screening criteria to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
Emphasis is placed on any morbidity or mortality encountered and each operative case is discussed in detail.
For some combinations of conditions polypharmacy is the biggest challenge, but leprosy-affected people spend only a small proportion of their 'disease career' taking regular medication (6-12 months of Multi Drug Therapy, then maybe a few courses of prednisolone over the first 2-5 years after diagnosis), and a much higher proportion of time struggling with self-care for residual morbidity such as nerve function impairment.