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19) MacDiarmid conceives Eliot's mysticism as an alibi to escape sexual morbidness and to hide his debased desires.
then will woman be raised from the iniquity and morbidness in which she now wallows for existence .
Such waggery just barely rescues the book from morbidness, but it does not relieve the tone of disenchantment.
Yet it was precisely his erratic behaviour, his passions and obsessions which made him loved since, to a certain extent, his anxieties and morbidness were perceived as being those of the population itself.
The world moralises of late, and in its fashion, upon the immorality of mournful poems, upon the criminality of "melodious tears," upon the morbidness of the sorrows of poets,--because Lord Byron was morbidly sorrowful, and because a crowd of ephemeral imitators hung their heads all on one side and were insincerely sorrowful.