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Albers, a Prussian Physician, on the Cholera Morbus, Dated Moscow 9/21 March 1831," Report on Cholera Morbus, 9.
Morbus is a transport service set up to help people who would otherwise have problems accessing local services or activities due to disability, age or rural isolation.
Behandlung der Hypothyreosen einschlieblich des schweren genuinen Morbus Basedow mit Fluor" Klin Wochenschr 16: 562-564 (1937).
When Bering consults a medic regarding his failing eyesight, the black holes or dark spots in one eye, the diagnosis is Morbus Kitahara and the prognosis favorable.
Cholera reached the Western Hemisphere during the second pandemic, although the term cholera morbus was in use much earlier to designate a range of conditions including dysentery and inflammation and bleeding in the digestive tract.
2007), osteoarthritis (Iannone and Lapadula, 2003), Morbus Crohn (Sartor.
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The differentiation of Morbus Cordis (chronic heart disease) and pericarditis suggests the former relates to the chronicity of the condition while the latter refers to acute heart disease.
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Observations on the blood with reference to its peculiar condition in cases of morbus Brightii.
Eine biglanduloma Erkrankung (Nebennieren und Schilddruse) bei Morbus Addisonii.