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And his last name, Morden, suggests the mordancy of a troubled man who enjoys gnawing on what annoys him (Banville delights in Dickensian onomastics; when he reveals that the physician who diagnoses Anna with terminal cancer is named Todd, we are told: "This can only be considered a joke in bad taste on the part of polyglot fate").
For all his mordancy, he can display a generous heart, even if he displays it rather sparingly.
What touched me were the lonely spaces in the music and the Yiddishkeit and mordancy in the music, which was familiar to me.
Academic theses could be devoted to this work, which transmutes the wistfulness of Elgar through the mordancy of Prokofiev, and which surely casts its influence on the equally inward Clarinet Concerto of Gerald Finzi; the CBSO's response under Oramo was idiomatic, zingingly rhythmic and richly warm-toned.
I found Bellow to be friendly, charming, easy going, big-hearted, with none of the mordancy that carpers occasionally ascribed to him.