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The Mordax pictured here is customized with blue anodized frame rails and a ball-milled pattern on the surface.
A biomass-based assessment model for northern anchovy, Engraulis mordax.
Saffron cod (95% FO) and rainbow smelt, Osmerus mordax, (55% FO) were most prevalent, followed by sculpins (9% FO).
An egg production method for estimating spawning biomass of pelagic fish: application to the Northern Anchovy, Engraulis mordax.
Mumford Pitfall Corrugated- Taxon traps cardboard-refuge traps Mygalomorphae Undetermined 1 0 Agelenidae Agelenopsis 4 0 Anyphaenidae Hibana futilis (Banks) 1 143 Hibana gracilis (Hentz) 0 30 Hibana 2 6,457 Luppetiana mordax 0 11 (O.
Feeding, growth and survival of Engraulis mordax larvae reared in the laboratory.
Twelve species were found only in restored sites, two of which were halophilic: Enoplognatha mordax and Erigone longipalpis.
Non poterat mordax detractans lingua tenere Quin cuperet thalamum sponsus adire suum.
Attus iricolor Nicolet 1849, Attus scalaris Nicolet 1849, Attus superbus Nicolet 1849 and Attus zonarius Nicolet 1849 are synonymized with Dendryphantes mordax (C.
masquinongy Mitchill, S muskellunge Family Umbridae (mudminnows) Umbra limi (Kirtland), central N mudminnow Family Osmeridae (smelt) Osmerus mordax (Mitchill), NW rainbow smelt Family Salmonidate (salmon and whitefish) Coregonus artedi LeSueur, cisco or lake herring NW C.
Observations on the life history of Uroctonus mordax Thorell (Scorpionida, Vaejovidae).