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Dixit, Studies on Dyeing Performance of Novel Acid Azo Dyes and Mordent Acid Azo Dyes based on 2, 4-Dihydroxybenzophenone.
But many others will praise him and agree that with his mordent satire he has focused on what has happened to journalism, information, communication, and to Italy in the last decades.
Depending upon these factors, a few of these carcinomas were further grouped under the following categories, 56 cases which showed numerous mordent differentiated structures were grouped as mordent differentiated carcinoma, 16 cases showed extensive necrosis, 16 cases showed fibrocystic changes, 4 cases showed fat invasion.
Dans les autres secteurs, le portrait reste peu encourageant : le puissant syndicat des cordonniers monteurs est sur la voie de se faire broyer par une association patronale nouvellement fondee; les debardeurs accumulent les defaites face a la redoutable Allan Line; les typographes essuient aussi un autre revers; quant aux travailleurs des fabriques de coton d'Hochelaga et de SaintHenri, ils mordent egalement la poussiere (28).
Elle decele par ailleurs dans l'iconographie des allusions a la nostalgie omeyyade pour la Syrie (la representation du palmier), une mise en scene de la lutte pour le pouvoir (a travers les scenes dites secondaires et montrant des lutteurs, des chiens qui mordent des hommes, un ane attaque par des chiens), et une allusion au fondateur de l'Andalus omeyyade a travers le symbolisme des faucons.
(The mordent slasher flick Kalevet [Rabies] was touted as Israel's first horror film when it was released in late 2010, a few months before the straight-t0-DVD Hate's Haunted Slay Ride, billed by its distributor as "the world's first Jewish horror film" complete with a Torah-wielding rabbi battling supernatural evil.)
Hence, in continuation of earlier work [13-15], the present communication comprises the studies on novel mordent and disperse heterocyclic dyes based on 1-[(2butyl-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran-3-yl)]- 1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)methanone
The second was the mixtion or mordiente (mordent) procedure, using a resinous-oily mixture that remained sticky for some time an retained the gold leaf.
One of Rajagopalachari's biographers has argued that the period after 1947 saw his "paradoxical transformation from being an exponent of the authority of the state into one of its most mordent critics" (63).
ex: (anglais) - "Dead dogs don't bite" / (Les chiens morts ne mordent pas)
Crosby's signature embellishment is an upper mordent, in which his voice quickly jumps from a primary melody note to the one above it and back.