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But many others will praise him and agree that with his mordent satire he has focused on what has happened to journalism, information, communication, and to Italy in the last decades.
The mordent and dispersed heterocyclic dyes were applied at 2% depth on wool and polyester fabric respectively.
One of Rajagopalachari's biographers has argued that the period after 1947 saw his "paradoxical transformation from being an exponent of the authority of the state into one of its most mordent critics" (63).
ex: (anglais) - "Dead dogs don't bite" / (Les chiens morts ne mordent pas)
Crosby's signature embellishment is an upper mordent, in which his voice quickly jumps from a primary melody note to the one above it and back.
Sexual gymnastics have given way to mordent soul-searching, but none of this introspection has unchained them from the lunatic of desire.
Ce coeur obsedant, qui ne correspond Pas avec mon langage et mes costumes, Et sur lequel mordent, comme un crampon, Des sentiments d'emprunt et des coutumes D'Europe, sentez-vous cette souffrance Et ce desespoir a nul autre egal D'apprivoiser, avec des mots de France, Ce coeur qui m'est venu du Senegal ?
The Djinni would like to put a touch of initiative--a mordent, let's say-
v] to indicate a pince, the French equivalent of a mordent.
Since the table of contents is hardly revealing of the coverage, it is worth noting that the ornaments considered are: Chapter 6 - trill types: common trill, Triller von unten, Triller von oben, Praller, main-note trills; Chapter 7 - appoggiaturas: short and long, before dotted notes, appoggiaturas before main notes which are followed by rests, prebeat Vorschlage; Chapter 8 - Doppelschlag and mordent: Doppelschlag over a note, the Doppelschlag over the second note of a descending second, the mordent, inter-beat Doppelschlage (two types), the Geschnellte Doppelschlag; and Chapter 9 - arpeggio, slide (Schleifer), Anschlag (compound appoggiatura).
En se rapprochant du centre, Chopin commenca d'entrevoir entre les edifices de furtifs croquis previsibles: des hommes vetus de blanc sanglant se passent un demi-boeuf, quinze poissons morts pour rien mordent la poussiere a l'entree du pavillon de la maree, un cariste charme seul un serpent de cent metres de chariots.
Une strategie du site visant a renforcer la confiance des clients mais a laquelle ne mordent toujours pas les parents Marocains, en periode de rentree scolaire.