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Contrary to the prevalent notion that English fiddle playing was unembellished, graces, trills, mordents, and the like can be heard in the recordings of earlier players such as Jinky Wells.
for each piece in which they occur, but omit any explanation for indicated mordents and turns?
Carli also copied several other of Pleyel's most glaring errors in pitch punches and dynamics and omitted most of the trills, mordents, and other ornaments also lacking in Pleyel's reprint.
In his effort to successfully attain variation of material, as well as timbre imitation, he employs a wide variety of ornaments such as mordents, trills, broken chords and appoggiaturas.
Writing in precise German and English, Mahnkopf provides separate signs for six different types of articulation and six different speeds for playing trills, indicates the speed and direction of arpeggios by arrows and varying degrees of thickness, and has a special notation for mordents and grace notes.
This is an ideal variation for students to learn dotted rhythms, finger precision, mordents and slurring, since the third eighth note in each beat sounds best if it is not connected to the next beat.