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The sinking, moreover, whether continuous, or recurrent with intervals sufficiently long for the corals again to bring up their living edifices to the surface, must necessarily have been extremely slow.
The one block of greenstone, moreover, on the northern island must be excepted.
LexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading provider of content and technology solutions, today announced that it has acquired Moreover Technologies, Inc.
Moreover, the ANF also summoned the owners of these companies.
Moreover, as we predicted (3), some of the 133 (41%) of 326 urban cases of acute renal failure from Salvador, Brazil, which appeared nonconfirmed for leptospirosis (5), were later shown to be caused by SEOV (unpub.
These systems will have to be modified to ensure the traceability of transaction components and related mark-ups; moreover, the conversion of extant processes and systems must be done on a global scale and must be performed sequentially.
Bishop Jakes is a dynamic pastor and businessman who leads not only from the pulpit but moreover, through seminars, classes, and forums held locally.
Moreover, when students learn the value of other disciplines to sociology, they also learn what sociology offers in return.
Moreover, traditional religions in general have tended historically to scorn homosexuality or, at best, tolerate it, while the naturalistic, reason-based worldview of Humanism sees homosexuality in its accurate perspective--as a natural orientation that should be accepted as part of the ordinary social order.
Moreover, immediately following a significant event, the company retains its exposure base, and subsequent events can occur prior to the implementation of any risk mitigation strategies.
Moreover, as a member of the Atlanta-based Commission on Interracial Cooperation (1919-1944) and later the Southern Regional Council (1944-1946), he was influential in attempting to change public perceptions of Blacks and their treatment through empirical research about Black life and the dissemination of the findings to the public.