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Pressure on the nerve controlling sensation to the face and head, called the trigeminal nerve, can cause patients like Mores to experience debilitating pain or numbness, Eventually, vestibular schwannomas may grow so large that they press on the brain stem or cerebellum and become life threatening.
It is particularly intended for staff who may not have had much exposure to application of MoRES.
We are fully committed to continue to expand the scope of our services to allow more people to enjoy the true benefits and advantages of the en.
SURPRISE SURPRISE: Mores Wells (left) gets up to head Ferneley in the final furlong
A more plausible Pauline argument from silence pertaining to Jesus' marital status can be found in 1 Cor 7:25, where the apostle admits that he had received no guidance about celibacy from traditions about Jesus.
By the 1980s, the Marriage Law made no more impact, commonly held land was once again allotted to individual cultivators and increasing private wealth drove a wave of private house-building which allowed variations in designs.
To read through these letters year after year is to read the evolving history of the Anglican church and to witness the changing mores of our society.
to preserve traditional mores against the efforts of a politically powerful minority to revise those mores through the use of the laws.
Engaging the reader with its exceptionally well written and quite unique perspective, Providence Pond draws upon the communal Jamaican lifestyle centered in the African mores of Kumina wisdom and the everyday experiences of the Jamaican natives as their family concepts of love, truth, and hope are all threatened by the largely British-dominant society.
Throughout his long and distinguished career, Berry has devoted his life to exploring theologically how individual behavior, institutional policies, and cultural mores either advance or impede the life of the planet.
The installation with the three square panels constitutes a sort of altarpiece, situated in an art center that was formerly a church, a platform for the promulgation of rules and mores.
Because religious leaders have a sacred duty to teach from texts that lay claim to eternal truths, they cannot simply moderate their teaching according to fluctuations in social mores," stated the brief.