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Excellent alliteration, but pretty harsh - bearing in mind moribund can mean "at the point of death" as well as "lacking vitality".
As for 'transforming,' it seems Beijing is only moving from a moribund communism to an energetic fascism.
Ginger Thompson, who covers Cuba for The Times as Mexico City bureau chief, reports that Cubans are growing increasingly restless with Castro's authoritarian rule and a moribund economy.
Rowland means for Boundaries to be a call to arms for a moribund women's movement whose complacent and decorous tones "has taken on the feel of a wealthy women's charity" The irony is that Rowland, who herself is black, traffics in the all-the-women-are white assumptions that have alienated women of color.
When Acura replaces its moribund RL this fall it will not have the V8 powerplant or rear-wheel-drive conventional wisdom now demands of any new luxury flagship.
The ambitious plan is just one of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed elixirs for the moribund system.
The parents are in denial about the moribund state of the animal--the father (Deirdre Logue) puts it to bed and reads to it, while the mother (Allyson Mitchell) is an energetic sort who thinks all it needs is a bit of fresh air and exercise.
On past expeditions to a different part of Siberia, the researchers studied another moribund Turkic language, Tofa, which has many terms useful in herding reindeer.
Robinson takes advantage of the burgeoning studies about the great influence that John Foxe's oft-reprinted Acres and Monuments, or Book of Martyrs, had on early modern England in order to revive and extend our understanding of later history plays generally deemed moribund.
Optional free membership gains access to discussion groups, but these seem pretty moribund at the moment.
you've taken a moribund publication and yanked it into the next century.
How tragic it is that they've combined to make jazz moribund.