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Still partially estranged from his heritage (though he has by now learned who his parents are), Lipsha works at his uncle Lyman Lamartine's gambling establishment (the bingo "palace"), pursues the affections of beautiful young dancer Shawnee Ray Toose (who's another of the acquisitive Lyman's possessions), and experiences a series of ironic "visitations" that strongly suggest the increasing moribundity of traditional Ojibwe culture.
"To view it once-a-year would be sickening, but once-a-night to see the cliches, the moribundity of language, the tackiness of lifestyle, the deadness of the soul and the lack of any imagination.
So when your sales manager comes over all Jack Nicholson in The Shining or you telephone in sick due to a bout of Trainspotting and you can't face the moribundity of the 9-to-5 drag that day, you can take two aspirin, call Hello!
The security, the conformity, the barbecues in the backyard, the big-finned cars, the accumulating gadgetry, the Levittown-style developments - all of these aspects and tokens of Fiftyishness were not, for that generation, symptoms of spiritual moribundity. They were, in a way, the rewards at the end of a long struggle - rewards that seemed more to astonish than to deaden their recipients.
This emphasis on moribundity as the fundamental, and inescapable, consequence of slavery, tied in with the refusal to grant legitimacy to modern rationality, is at once politically challenging and disturbing.
After a half century of moribundity, in which federal courts were the arena for most fights over citizens' rights, state courts are more and more establishing higher ceilings for what they see as citizens' rights.
A negative relationship between the variable White and completeness of coverage is expected due to higher mortality and moribundity rates among nonwhites, which would increase the need for medical services.
With such credentials and life, development economics can be hardly faulted for intellectual moribundity.