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During the 17 weeks of arsenical exposure, several arsenic-treated mice were found deceased or were euthanized because of moribundity.
To view it once-a-year would be sickening, but once-a-night to see the cliches, the moribundity of language, the tackiness of lifestyle, the deadness of the soul and the lack of any imagination.
So when your sales manager comes over all Jack Nicholson in The Shining or you telephone in sick due to a bout of Trainspotting and you can't face the moribundity of the 9-to-5 drag that day, you can take two aspirin, call Hello
The security, the conformity, the barbecues in the backyard, the big-finned cars, the accumulating gadgetry, the Levittown-style developments - all of these aspects and tokens of Fiftyishness were not, for that generation, symptoms of spiritual moribundity.
This emphasis on moribundity as the fundamental, and inescapable, consequence of slavery, tied in with the refusal to grant legitimacy to modern rationality, is at once politically challenging and disturbing.