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I can tell you somethin' about sissies and morons and even get SEX into it
In every case, Moron references aspects of his texts which point to his larger aim, the illustration of humanistic discourse, allowing the reader to multiply the experience with texts originating in his own literary tradition.
For a Canadian in the PMO's office to reference to the president of the United States in these thoughtful terms is not unlike a very thin eight-year-old kid without medical health insurance mentioning to his pet dog in a secluded and otherwise empty schoolyard that Billy, who is 212 pounds and standing right next to him is a moron.
Another common concern, Moron said, is increasing public participation.
You are a moron when you walk into the stadium, not just by going in there.
Every dry Sunday these moron racers can be found trying to break the quarter mile going up and down Huddersfield Road, Shelley (Redhill).
Insects known in Brazil as "coros" are beetle larvae (Coleoptera) of the family Melolonthidae (sensu Endrodi 1966; Moron 1997, 2001a; Moron et al.
GORDON STRACHAN has branded the Aberdeen yobbo who threw a coin at Neil Lennon last week a moron.
The latest series of the controversial reality show has broken cash records for the channel, as experts pin its success on 'the moron factor'.
But come November, I'll vote for Bill Clinton, because I may be a Republican now, but I'm not a moron.