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Phyllophaga lenis es la tercera larva del grupo "anodentata" (sensu Moron 1986) que se estudia con detalle desde que Moron (1986) y Aragon y Moron (2004a) publicaron la descripcion pormenorizada de P.
Of course, the great thing about cycling to the Derby was that I could whip past the traffic jams and escape the morons as quickly as possible.
Phyllophaga) nisuens Saylor and (Phytalus) solavegana Moron.
The Venezuelan government doesn't need to keep going into debt at a time of excess oil revenues," Moron says.
Ciriaco Moron Arroyo's latest contribution to Cervantes studies is the result of a series of lectures on Don Quijote that he gave in February and October of 2004 as part of the Curso de Alta Especializacion en Filologia Hispanica, organized by the CSIC's Instituto de la Lengua Espanola (Madrid).
Fred, who is either an incurable romantic or an incurable moron, brings the shoe home and takes it to bed with him.
What kinda moron buys a nice Cape Cod in a good neighborhood, equips it with a state-of-the-art alarm system, and then--what?
Jim Downey and Eric Le Goff of Cushman & Wakefield Retail represented MoRon Brown in the lease negotiations.
Some moron actually had the balls to call them "the kings of gutter punk.
A nutcase is, of course, a person with a mental illness and a moron is a person with an intellectual disability.