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THE Gazette continues to report on the cowardly and inhuman acts such as beating up defenceless pensioners in their own homes, street muggings, and moronic yobs stamping on the head of someone.
There followed a lot of boastful, foolish talk about us being in their backyard and kicking over their barbecue, and similar moronic metaphors.
I also think that, not before too long, we will see a reduction in the number of High Street betting shops and an increase in 'cartoon' sports betting and moronic numbers games etc.
That Had to Hurt, Moronic 21st Century Idiots, Crash Bang and Beyond Bizarre.
A Hollywood trade paper complained that the show had no likeable characters, motivation for every act was sexual and the theme of moronic men versus wily women had been played out.
In her column entitled "How multiculturalism breeds hate" (Globe, March 27), she points out that much of the current vandalization of Jewish sites has a "juvenile and moronic flavour to it.
To make Celebrity Wife Swap work, C4 need proper household names with star-sized egos not moronic nonentities.
It's not moronic spam that's gumming up the works in this society; it's moronic email from people who simply can't shut up.
The series has been running since 1961 and is probably one of the finest examples in the English-speaking world of the desperate struggle to push the radio diet beyond the moronic.