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Oh, if the Divine Providence is to be mixed up in it, there is no doing anything," Raskolnikov grumbled morosely.
Protracted scenes of Jolie Pitt lounging morosely on her balcony pass without incident, casting us as the increasingly impatient voyeurs of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Finishing off the show with their morosely upbeat sounding "A Heartbreak," the musicians bowed and left the stage, while the crowd chanted for an encore.
As he does so the glass appears to spontaneously shatter - leaving its owner looking on morosely as the contents drip on to the floor.
A morosely comic film with streaks of very dark humor, El Club follows Larrain's earlier investigations of the shattering effects of the Pinochet regime on his homeland Chile (among them his Oscar-nominated No
Mel, who'd ticked little more off her own list, nodded morosely.
As Jacob Javits, New York's liberal Republican senator, morosely observed, ''(Goldwater has) made it respectable to be a conservative again.
AS you stand morosely at the petrol pump filling your car with fuel, you may have noticed that the cost is slightly less.
She thought morosely of the albino ones, and then she imagined Wilfred sitting at the piano bar, alone, growing more disappointed and embarrassed with every passing second.
Anyone in the media trade will tell you that interviewing youngsters can be a very trying business, with responses being at best, mechanically delivered over-rehearsed cliches and at worst, morosely monotoned monosyllables.
He chuckles morosely about portraying the sort of enemy combatant he until recently was fighting overseas, but the films offers little additional insights into how this bizarre reversal informs his understandings of the war's larger frameworks.
SOMETIMES you've got to rub your eyes, pinch yourself and wonder morosely at the cynicism of some people.