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This horizontal axis is drawn by the moroseness of time functioning through virtual / actual stages of the trepidation experienced by the surface of the injured skin.
It shows in my hard-working nature, perseverance, sense of humour - and a touch of moroseness.
Some young dude from the barrio walks by and, sensing his moroseness, offers him a swig to gladden his day.
Rainer's tendency toward moroseness later blossomed into a debilitating depression that she called her "engine of self-destruction.
The tonus has given way, and this is felt subjectively as listlessness, moroseness, and depression" (p.
The person afflicted was sane in all regards except for the one subject; that subject often produced delirium and sometimes acts of violence; the person was often reduced to "habitual depression and anxiety, and frequently a moroseness of character amounting even to the most decided misanthropy.
Perhaps the appointment of Msgr Ouellet to the See of Quebec will mark the end of our religious and national moroseness.
Eugene-Louis Boudin's Beach at Low Tide captures the moroseness of Parisians, encamped on the moist sands puddled with rain, at Trouville in his native Normandy.
Would Shrewsbury supporters sink into a sea of moroseness, knowing the Second Division beckons?
Their music encompasses the lyrical moroseness of Leonard Cohen, the scary sci-fi effects of Hawkwind at their most deranged and the sun-kissed vocal harmonies of The Beach Boys.
You can't play it for the moroseness, yet you can't play it for the humor, either.
Pathetic and futile are the author's efforts as a child to protect herself from her brother Claude's incestuous pleasure, from her sister Beth's torturing invectives (notably, her desire to exclude Colette from the clan by repeating over and over again that she has a Jewish profile), from her sister Louise's moroseness, from her father's habit of entering the bathroom in the nude while she is in her bath, and from her mother's invidious denigrations, including continual comparisons with Marie d'Agoult.