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morosus), FSCA Synonymy: Chrysops obsoletus lugens Wiedemann, 1821; Chrysops trinotatus Macquart, 1838; Chrysops morosus Osten Sacken, 1875; Chrysops ultimus Whitney, 1914
Say) LT 3 Coleoptera miscellus Quate DI 1 Coleoptera morosus Candeze BT 1 Coleoptera spadix (Erichson) LT 1 Coleoptera species 1 BT, FG, LT, SW 46 Coleoptera infuscatus (Germar) LT 3 Coleoptera fascicularis (Fab.
The production, set in the interior of a lighthouse, stars 61-year-old Viennese bass Kurt Rydl as the retired admiral, Sir John Morosus, Michael Schade as his nephew, Henry Morosus, and the dynamic Diana Damrau as his resourceful wife, Aminta.
4 05-05 to 06-23 Elater abruptus Say 2 07-21 to 07-30 Hemicrepidius bilobatus (Say) 7 08-06 to 08-18 Hemicrepidius memnonius (Herbst) 8 07-15 to 08-12 Lacon discoidea (Weber) 2 06-16 Melanotus castanipes (Paykull) 2 06-03 to 06-09 Melanotus morosus Candeze 1 07-07 Melanotus sagittarius (LeConte) 1 05-26 Melanotus similis (Kirby) 13 06-03 to 09-22 Melanotus sp.
Saturn") is "saturnine or morose," a morosus that was
Influence of cosmic radiation and/or microgravity on development of Carausius morosus.
Yet the males--from Baron Ochs and Sir Morosus to Count Waldner, Mandryka and Orestes--also come to life, even without the benefit of lovely music.
The simple unit set--a lighthouse with a staircase circling its interior, sparsely furnished with a few chairs and a collection of large model ships--was appropriate for the home of Sir Morosus, a retired seaman.