mortal body

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Well might Catherine deem that heaven would be a land of exile to her, unless with her mortal body she cast away her moral character also.
As long as there is life in this mortal body, God has a purpose for me!
Death for many of those I had been fond of, was a release from the aches and pains of one's mortal body. So while I shall miss all of them, I comfort myself with the knowledge that they are now free from physical suffering.
I remember approaching his mortal body - just before it was lowered - and even gave him a goodbye kiss.
There will be a time and occasion when our mortal body will cease to function, when we will die.
The idea of an undying quality to life is implicit in the concept of the king's two bodies, specifically in the manner by which the sovereign unifies in one mortal body a continuum of political presence that persists uninterruptedly, undisturbed by human fmitude.
Her criticism covers a meteorological reading, the storm's three ambiguities, and cataclysmic shame: three views of Lear's mortal body in the storm.
Just before Mr Jobs left his mortal body towards the realm of the spirits, his sister had described the only word that he whispered in utter amazement at what he saw before his eyes in the distance - wow - .
The mortal Apollo still has the mind of a god and therefore thinks he still has godly powers, but of course his mortal body will not allow that, and the author very skilfully and often hilariously interweaves these two strands into a compelling narrative.
Remarkably, it is not these incisions in the mortal body that linger in one's mind long after the show, but the acrid smell of burnt flesh emanating from them.
Then with my eyes, with all the senses of my living mortal body, I look at 'it'--'it'--and savour the beauty of its being.