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It's just a gross misjudgment on his part to threaten us with mortal sin because we won't hand over the church to him.
We read in Spanish, for instance, in Martin de Azpilcueta's Confessor's Manual, that "it is a mortal sin to utter damnation upon any creature of God if it comes from the heart.
Hoarding is a grave mortal sin and must be repaired with full confession, true contrition, and completed penance, as must be every indiscretion, every gluttonous or alcoholic over-indulgement, every malicious act and thought toward God and man.
Those Catholic politicians who support abortion rights, and indeed pass legislation or vote to appoint pro-abortion judges, are likewise committing mortal sins, and those in mortal sin may not receive communion.
It is the tale of a group of naive schoolgirls in their final year at school, where strict nuns with semi-Irish accents constantly drum on about the mortal sin of kissing.
Church leaders, usually men as old as Methuselah, long ago created a Soviet-style cradle-to-grave indoctrination system that practically makes independent thinking a mortal sin.
The tactic is to wait for the victim to commit, or to lure the victim into committing, a mortal sin and then assassinate that person before she or he repents.
The claim that upset me most during this season's outbreak was the one purporting that anyone voting "exceptionally"--non-Republican--was committing mortal sin.
Mortal sin is an act of turning away from God, our last end, willingly attaching ourselves in an inordinate manner to some inferior good.
He said maybe Dori feared going to church, and this is why he maybe wasn't living in mortal sin.
She is anxious about the stain of mortal sin that may be creeping across her spiritual landscape at this very moment, darkening her capacity to love and causing a moral ugliness that can't be disguised or washed away.
From Cookham Wood Prison in Kent, she wrote: "I believe suicide to be a mortal sin and one that cannot be forgiven, unlike the mortal sins I recently confessed to and received absolution from.