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To inquire into the broad cultural reasons why Catholics have forgotten about mortal sin and its consequences may prove a distraction.
Aquinas said greed was a sin against God, just as all mortal sins are, because man forgets about things eternal for the sake of things temporal.
Unfortunately, on the popular level, one hears often that such and such a law obliges under pain of mortal sin meaning that sin is some kind of a penalty for breach of law.
We read in Spanish, for instance, in Martin de Azpilcueta's Confessor's Manual, that "it is a mortal sin to utter damnation upon any creature of God if it comes from the heart.
Although priests no longer consider suicide a mortal sin, and lawmakers do not punish it as an offense against the state and hence a crime, psychiatrists now diagnose it as a symptom of a mental illness and hence incarcerate the unsuccessful or would-be suicide as a "dangerous" mental patient.
Sensing the words, Sequoyah Fuels president Joe Sheppard ruefully remarked, "You can commit a lot of sins with respect to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, but if they lose confidence in your management process, that's a kind of a mortal sin.
He taught that all ecclesiastical and secular authority is derived from God and is forfeited when one is in a state of mortal sin.
Yet the church still maintains its mortal sin status for this omission.
The Spaniard's companions asked why he was so edgy when it was not even a mortal sin to litter.
Sin was everything and the great mortal sin was anything to do with sex," says Gaybo in the documentary, Last Orders.
According to the Bible and our Christian ethics, it is a mortal sin to corrupt or turn to evil another living soul.
Mortal sin is an act of turning away from God, our last end, willingly attaching ourselves in an inordinate manner to some inferior good.