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An overall growth in the number of admissions, surgeries and mortalities was seen.
The total mortalities showed an increase with 139 seen in Group I to 285 seen in Group II, a percentage increase of 105%.
Mortalities in both Groups were comparable in terms of age (Group I = 51.9 +- 16.5 and Group II= 52.8 +- 17.8 years respectively, p=0.61) gender distribution (Group I = 66.2% males and Group = II 70.2% males respectively, p=0.43) and presence of co-morbid conditions (Group I = 67.6% and Group II = 69.5% respectively, p=0.73).
Interestingly, oysters of set 1 tested in L2, L3, and also at the RA site, where high summer mortalities are reported in juvenile C.
In 2003, correlations between field and laboratory mortalities were very high (r = 0.84-0.94; Figs.