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Risk of injury as a result of airborne mortarboards is "incredibly small", the watchdog said, adding that attempts to halt the practice on safety grounds were "over the top".
But some students individualize their appearance by decorating their mortarboards.
Data from the Census Bureau and College Board show it will cost you 202 percent more to sport a mortarboard today than it did in 1981, and during the last year alone average tuition costs have risen 9.
Graduates will be entitled to wear a gown and mortarboard at all racecourses at all times (with the possible exception of the Royal Meeting).
CSL is much enhanced by encouraging the active involvement of student organizations, fraternities and sororities, service clubs such as Circle K, honor societies such as Mortarboard, and discipline-based clubs.
From 1992 to 1996 he was Dean of the School of Architecture; he's won teaching awards, including USC's coveted MortarBoard Professor of the Year.
Twigger exchanged his mortarboard for a bandanna, and headed off into the Indonesian jungles in search for Big Snake.
It is unlikely to occur to either architect or users, but to a British observer of a certain age, the plane seems to be a little like an abstracted post-modern academic mortarboard worn at a cheerful angle in the sunshine.
He leans far out over the footlights, shading his eyes with his mortarboard, ostensibly searching for his straitlaced sister Nancy, but in reality seeing whether there's anyone in that he knows.
Made up of symbols like mortarboard caps and diplomas, it's come to be a sought-after keepsake of the high school years.
A tassel worn on the mortarboard may be in different colors to show the kind of degree the graduate has earned.
This sign idea promotes party trays for graduation celebrations with a mortarboard attached as an attention-getter.