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20) I will argue that it is Ovid's Narcissus who is an icon of mortiferous self-knowledge.
It is perhaps in the recognition of this mortiferous autoerotic model of self-knowledge that Rousseau made Narcisse the artist.
Is there a radical counterfactual future anterior, where Echo, against her intention, a poor thing at best, will forever have exercised the negative transference ("fly from me" between question and order) that will have short-circuited the punishment of mortiferous self-knowledge?
In the rest of the narrative, through the representation of a stable-yet-unstable, same-yet-different non-originary voice that remains, an unintentional vehicle of a possible cure - the figured though separated accompaniment of a successful mortiferous self-knowledge that cannot advance - is glimpsed, a cure that is one possible case among many.
Green has an intuition of the part of mortiferous self-knowledge; the part he calls "epistemophilia .