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MORTIFICATION, Scotch law. This term is nearly synonymous with mortmain.

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The two knowing hunters had scarcely recovered from one mortification when they were fated to experience another.
This compliment, delightful as it was, produced severe mortification to the lady; and in giving her denial, she expressed her sorrow on the occasion so very much as if she really felt it that had Thorpe, who joined her just afterwards, been half a minute earlier, he might have thought her sufferings rather too acute.
She soon agreed cheerfully to my going when she heard this, and she made it her business from that time to get him out of the prison in time, so that he might go in the same ship with me, which at last was brought to pass, though with great difficulty, and not without all the forms of a transported prisoner-convict, which he really was not yet, for he had not been tried, and which was a great mortification to him.
From thence they advanced to the first rising ground, where they had stood and seen their camp destroyed, and where they had the mortification still to see some of the smoke; but neither could they here see any of the savages.
Miss Churchill, however, being of age, and with the full command of her fortunethough her fortune bore no proportion to the familyestatewas not to be dissuaded from the marriage, and it took place, to the infinite mortification of Mr.
This was a matter of diversion to my master and his family, as well as of mortification to myself.
It is true that this people has a natural disposition to goodness; they are very liberal of their alms, they much frequent their churches, and are very studious to adorn them; they practise fasting and other mortifications, and notwithstanding their separation from the Roman Church, and the corruptions which have crept into their faith, yet retain in a great measure the devout fervour of the primitive Christians.
requested the children to pray the Holy Rosary, perform works of mortification for the conversion of sinners, and requested for devotion to herself under the title.
To add to her mortification, Gattu went ahead and announced his release date on Twitter at a time when Prernaa was doing her best to convince Shah Rukh that Kedarnath would not clash with Shah Rukh's untitled film directed by Aanand Rai," says an informed source.
Never once during those performances did I have the gumption to look my mother or father in the eye during a recitation, such was the extent of my mortification.
Even her eye-rolling twentyish sons seem to swap out their initial mortification for a degree of amused respect by the end of the book.
Smiling through her mortification at being donned in a pink feather boa, Annie quizzes Lydia, who eventually lets something important slip.